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A stun gun is a non-lethal device used for self defense. A stun gun will put out a high voltage shock that in a half of a second, can cause an attacker to have muscle spasms and be in a dazed mental state. A five second encounter with a stun gun can cause the attacker to feel as if they fell off of a two story building. The shock of a stun gun does not cause any permanent damage and even works on people that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Security Plus Stun Baton

Our 160,000 Volt Stun Gun Baton is perfect for security guards and safety personnel. This stun baton unit is equipped with a strap so you don't lose it in a scuffle. The prongs on the end are very effective but the 6" strips going along the end prevent the combative from grabbing it and possibly taking it away. This baton has a 1 5/8" diameter and an overall length of 19". It is powered by two 9-volt batteries.
Safety Sale Price: $54.95
300,000 Volt Stun Gun

The 300,000 Volt Stun Gun is an excellent choice for a quality and reliable stun gun. It measures 6 5/8" tall, 4" wide, and 1 3/8" thick. This stun gun uses two 9-Volt batteries (not included). It's weight with batteries is 10.7 ounces.
Safety Sale Price: $34.95
200,000 Volt Stun Gun
The 200,000 Volt Stun Gun comes in either the curved model or the straight model. You have a choice. The only difference is the style. They are 7" tall, 2 3/8" wide, and        1 1/4" thick. It weighs 11.1 ounces with batteries. They both have the same low price.
E705 / E704
Safety Sale Price: $29.95

100,000 Volt Stun Gun

The 100,000 Volt Stun Gun also has 2 styles to cater to your needs. These units are 5" tall, 2 3/8" wide, and 1" thick. It weighs 6.9 ounces with a battery.
Safety Sale Price: $24.95

65,000 Pocket Stun Gun

The 65,000 Volt Mini Stun Gun is the most compact model that we offer. 4" tall, 2 1/8" wide, and 1 3/16" thick make this unit easy to handle. The metal clip allows this stun gun to clip on just about anything.
Safety Sale Price: $16.95

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