Stun Gun Legal Disclaimer

It is your reponsibility

Legal Status of Product Ownership: It is the responsibility of the buyer and not S.L.S. Products to understand and obey all applicable local, state, province and national laws concerning ordering and/or assembling our products. By placing an order and/or assembling our products, the buyer agrees to assume full legal responsibility for use of the products ordered/assembled.
If you have ANY questions about whether stun guns are legal to possess in your country, contact your local Law Enforcement authorities before placing an order. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Please read completely BEFORE attempting to assemble unit.

The kit is shipped by air in two separate packages. One package will contain a complete electrical assembly.
300,000 Volt Kit Shown: Electrical Parts
Note that the electrical parts are fully assembled and all connections are soldered.
300,000 Volt Kit Shown: Case Parts

The second package will contain two clam shells, a battery compartment cover, 4 screws, a wrist cord, and belt clip (300K).


1. The clam shells are not intended to be water tight.
2. The parts are very rugged with the weakest part being the wires connecting to the momentary trigger switch. Too much movement of the switch while putting the kit together could cause one or both of the wires to break off at the solder point. If this should happen, the wires can be re-soldered.
3. NOTE:  The unit requires a 9 Volt battery, Duracell or Energizer battery recommended (alkaline) or other alkaline battery. An Eveready battery absolutely will NOT work.

Electronics in the case

For the first step of the assembly, dress the prods as shown above Note the "On-Off" switch compartment, is marked on the molded case. Next, place the electrical assembly into the clam shell half that has the small compartment for the sliding On-Off switch. Push the sliding switch gently into the well. Place the prods into the grooves of the clam shell.
Dress the wires that connect to the battery along the inside of the shell so they will not be pinched when the top shell is added later. Push the momentary switch into place making sure it is flush. Place the wrist cord onto the post in the bottom corner. (This is easy to forget.)
The belt clip can be attached to the other clam shell. (300K) NOTE: The electrical components should have a snug fit. Becareful not to break any solder connections while coercing the parts in place. When you are placing the prods in the correct position, be sure the white wires are positioned apart from each other.
With the clam shell half (that has the belt clip) in place, move the prods around gently until they are in the grooves of both clam shells, and the clam shells fit together without gaps or pinched wires. Then, secure the shells with the 4 screws provided. If the prods are loose, you may apply a small amount of RUBBER CEMENT to hold them in place.
Now for a TEST:
DO NOT ACTIVATE THE STUN GUN FOR LONGER THAN 1 OR 2 SECONDS. It will burn out the electronics if the stun gun is only activated in the air with no grounding source.
Snap a 9 volt battery (2 for the 300K, Duracell or Energizer preferred, on to the battery connector. Then, keeping your hands away from the prods, slide the On-Off switch to ON. Now, press the momentary switch (1-2 second bursts only). There should be a bluish-white arc between the two prods that are facing each other.
Congratulations! It WORKS! and you now have a QUALITY STUN MASTER STUN GUN.
If you have questions, contact us.