The stun gun kit comes in two voltages.

How to assemble Stun Gun Kits

Stun Gun Kits are shipped Internationally to avoid strict export regulations. Our Stun Gun kit is sent in 2 shipments. The first shipment includes the electric parts fully assembled. The second shipment is the plastic molded case with 4 screws. The instructions will NOT be shipped. Instructions can be viewed at the Kit Page. Batteries are not included. A 9 Volt Alkaline battery (Energizer or Duracell Brand) is needed for the 100K Kit and two 9 Volt batteries are needed for the 300K Kit. Orders can be made on this page.
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The electric parts kit includes all of the electric parts (already assembled) in a static free bag.

The case kit will include 2 clam shells, a wrist strap, 4 screws, battery compartment cover and a belt clip (for Kit 3).
Kit Prices:
Kit 1 (100,000 Volt) $26.95
Kit 3 (300,000 Volt) $39.95
Shipping by Air $20.00