An LMS is supposed to teach employees valuable job skills … but some just wind up teaching you what you don’t want in an LMS. Here are a few signs it’s time to put your current learning management system out to pasture.

The LMS Isn’t in the Cloud

If your learning platform is installed software, then your employees can only use it at their desks. A cloud-based LMS lets employees learn from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device.

You Need to Involve IT in Training
You should be able to create courses and manage content without tech support. And when you DO need IT help, it should come from the LMS provider, not your in-house team.

It Takes Too Long to Create Courses
Safety training should be timely. Therefore, course creation should be intuitive, easy, and quick.

Customer Support Doesn’t Cut It
Odds are you’re feeling a bit confused or frustrated when you contact customer support. Your support experience should alleviate that feeling, not add to it.

The LMS Doesn’t Have the Necessary Reporting Capabilities
Training employees without analytics is like training for a race without timing yourself. You need to be able to see progress and identify areas for improvement.

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