“Safety trainer” is just one of the many hats safety professionals must put on every day. In between inspections, hazard assessments, responding to employee concerns and meeting the demands of regulators, upper management and other stakeholders, you try and find time for your training program.

A safety training program is more than just passing around a few handouts and showing a PowerPoint to your employees. You’ve got to create a training program and plan, create training with content that’s informative AND interesting, work around production schedules, time off and sick days, and secure training resources such as a room and any needed equipment. Don’t forget you’re responsible for bringing donuts, pizza or a snack to the meeting too.

What if there was a solution that could help make safety training less time-consuming and even more effective?

We know there is.

Let’s look at six common training related challenges and how SafetyNow and SafetySmart can help you.

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