Utilizing Microtraining & Other Solutions to Engage Employees

Workforce safety training is required, regulated, recurring, and really boring if it isn’t done effectively. No wonder why over 80% of safety managers don’t think their safety training is sticking.
OSHA, CalOSHA, other States and Canadian Provincial regulators have more than 20 standards that REQUIRE annual recurring training for employees exposed to hazards. In addition, regulators use language like “regular recurring” for some hazard specific standards to emphasize that refresher training is a requirement, but the timeline is dependent on other factors like seasonality and exposure limits.
In addition, annual training is required for employees who have specific responsibilities. If new machinery and/or equipment arrives in the workplace, new processes are implemented, or employees take on new jobs with exposure to different hazards, training is required.

Refresher training is important for the employee, the employer, and the organization to improve the quality of work outputs. Employee refresher course training can reduce the impact of the forgetting curve on an organization’s time, resources, and ultimately the bottom line.


How to Build Better Refresher Safety Training