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    A Joke Isn’t Funny When It Hurts! – Quick Course

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    A Slice of Safety Can Help Prevent Knife Injuries – Quick Course

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    Absence Management – HR Course

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    Accessibility for Manitobans – Everyone Benefits

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    Active Listening – HR Course

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    Active Shooter

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    Adapting to Change Preview – HR Course

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    Adapting to the Rhythm of Shiftwork – Quick Course

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SafetyNow makes training easy! Join the 100,000+ satisfied customers! Find out how they are reducing accidents & incidents, improving retention rates, and cutting costs by training better.


Thousands of Courses Conveniently Packaged

Sure you can move forward a la carte and buy individual courses, but our experts have built bundled packages to meet your industry specific needs.





Whether you’re in the construction industry, retail, manufacturing, electrical trade, or oil and gas sector, safety training is mandatory. For some employers, providing the required safety training for all their employees and supervisors can be a challenge. Online training is a cost-effective, flexible, competency-based, and convenient form of safety training.

SafetyNow online training has been shown to reduce accident & incident rates by over 50%, cut liability insurance premiums by over 40%, and increase productivity and product quality. Better safety training yields results!

The SafetyNow Essential package includes over 160 courses, with new micro-training adding every month. You’ll get 31 Full-length Essential Compliant courses, over 100 Micro-training courses, 15 Better Business courses, and over 30 Refresher courses. That works out to less than $0.016/course/month.

Compliant safety training and an LMS for pennies.

Essential Compliant Courses

  1. Active Shooter Response
  2. Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety
  3. Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  4. BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
  5. Cold Stress
  6. Confined Space Entry – Permit Required
  7. Driver Safety
  8. Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
  9. Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace – Canada
  10. Electrical Safety
  11. Emergency Response
  12. Fall Protection
  13. Fire Extinguisher Basics
  14. Fire Safety
  15. First Aid: Fundamentals
  16. GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
  17. Hearing Conservation
  18. Heat Stress
  19. Ladder Safety
  20. LOTO – Lockout-Tagout
  21. Machine Guarding
  22. Materials Handling
  23. Office Safety
  24. Powered Industrial Truck Safety
  25. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment: Respiratory Protection
  26. Sexual Harassment for Employees
  27. Slips, Trips & Falls
  28. Struck-by and Caught-Between
  29. Trenching and Excavation Trenching and Excavation
  30. Violence in the Workplace
  31. WHMIS 2015 – Standard





The SafetyNow Fundamental package includes over 200 courses, with new micro-training adding every month. You’ll get 57 Full-length Compliant courses, over 100 Micro-training courses, 15 Better Business courses, and over 30 Refresher courses. Expand your safety training beyond the essential regulatory requirements to include the recommended additional safety training from Industry and certified training experts.

Fundamental Safety Courses

  1. All 31 Essential Courses +
  2. Asbestos Hazard Awareness
  3. Asbestos Hazard Awareness – Canada
  4. Behavior-Based Safety
  5. Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employees
  6. Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employers
  7. Chemical Safety
  8. Chlorine Safety
  9. Computer Security
  10. Discrimination-Free Workplace
  11. Flammable Liquid Safety
  12. Hand and Power Tools
  13. Hand Safety
  14. Hot Work
  15. Incident Investigation
  16. Industrial Ergonomics
  17. Introduction to Radiation Safety
  18. Job Hazard Analysis
  19. Laboratory Safety
  20. Lead Awareness
  21. NFPA 70E Arc Flash
  22. Office Ergonomics
  23. PPE Fundamentals
  24. Preventing Workplace Harassment
  25. Safety Audits
  26. Safety Awareness
  27. Scaffold Safety
  28. Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan
  29. Workspace Cleanliness





Access every single course (except for specialty) – always compliant, always engaging, always effective.


Bear Essentials     $39.95

Canadian Heavy Truck Weight & Dimensions     $24.95

CMVs – Safe Driving Behavior for Commercial Motor Vehicles     $24.15

H2S Awareness Online Training     $49.95

Joint Health & Safety Committees &  Representative Online     $124.95

Managing Safety Self-Awareness     $39.95

Safety Orientation 101     $99.95

SPECIALTY/FRENCH: Transport des Marchandises Dangereuses     $36.00

Construction, General & New York City

Whether it’s your first time entering the workforce (OSHA 10), or you’ve been a supervisor for years (OSHA 30), SafetyNow has the OSHA card for you.

Providing OSHA 10 & 30 for the general industry and construction, as well as voice-proctored training for NYC requirements, in both English & Spanish.

Find Out More

Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job. At SafetyNow we work hard to make sure you have the engaging training to upskill your employees.

Our entire reason for getting up in the morning is to help as many businesses & organizations as we can to empower their employees & make sure they are safe, healthy, & productive.

Our expansive Employee & Manager Library includes training courses to train new employees, existing employees, new managers, experienced managers, and members of the HR & Executive teams.

Courses cover everything from benefits & leave, compensation, discrimination, health & safety, HR management, performance & termination, and employee communication. You can get access to the entire collection of 83 elearning courses for the starting price of $3.85/learner/month including access to our award-winning Learning Management Platform.

Download Catalogue

List of Courses

  1. 8 Steps to Effective One-on-Ones
  2. 8 Steps to Effective Team Meetings
  3. Coaching Skills: Captain
  4. Coaching Skills: Contributor
  5. Coaching Skills: Introduction
  6. Coaching Skills: Key Player
  7. Effective Performance Reviews: Effective Performance Reviews for Managers
  8. Effective Performance Reviews: Handling a Bad Performance Review
  9. Effective Performance Reviews: Preparing for Your Review
  10. Effective Performance Reviews: Self Assessments
  11. Going from Coworker to Boss
  12. Managing Different Generations
  13. How to Be an Ally
  14. Adopting Inclusive Behaviours at Work
  15. Working With Different Generations: Introduction to the Working Generations
  16. Working With Different Generations: Working Together Across Generations
  17. Working With Different Generations: Working With Baby Boomers
  18. Working With Different Generations: Working With Gen X
  19. Working With Different Generations: Working With Gen Z
  20. Working With Different Generations: Working With Millennials
  21. Anti-Harassment: 01. Anti-Harassment for Everyone
  22. Anti-Harassment: 02. Anti-Harassment for Managers
  23. Anti-Harassment: 03. Writing and Communicating an Anti-Harassment Policy
  24. Anti-Harassment: 04. Investigating Complaints
  25. Anti-Harassment: 05. History of Sexual Harassment
  26. Avoiding Discrimination: 5 Keys
  27. Diversifying Your Leadership Team
  28. Employee Recognition
  29. Fix That Bad Attitude
  30. Managing for Accountability
  31. Managing for Engagement: Creating Engagement
  32. Managing for Engagement: Engagement Matters
  33. Managing Interns
  34. Managing People Offsite
  35. Managing the Grapevine
  36. Managing Time Versus Energy
  37. Managing Up: The Art of Managing Your Manager
  38. Microaggressions
  39. Understanding Harassment: 01. Introduction to Understanding Harassment
  40. Understanding Harassment: 02. Understanding Offenders
  41. Understanding Harassment: 03. Understanding Targets
  42. Understanding Harassment: 04. Bystander Training
  43. Understanding Harassment: 05. Warning Signs
  44. Understanding Harassment: 06. Healthy Culture
  45. Understanding Harassment: 07. Understanding Harassment in Review
  46. Analyzing Employee Performance: Can-Do, Will-Do: Actions
  47. Analyzing Employee Performance: Can-Do, Will-Do: Introduction
  48. Analyzing Employee Performance: Can-Do, Will-Do: Questions and Tips
  49. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Allyship
  50. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Creating and Implementing Policy
  51. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Diversity-Focused Recruitment
  52. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Evaluating Your Organization
  53. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Maintaining Momentum for Leaders
  54. Anti-Racism for Leaders: Mitigating Bias
  55. Anti-Racism: Calling Out and Calling In
  56. Anti-Racism: Colorblindness Doesn’t Work
  57. Anti-Racism: Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn
  58. Anti-Racism: Maintaining Momentum
  59. Anti-Racism: The Anti-Racism Continuum
  60. Ethics for Managers
  61. Inheriting Underperformers
  62. Introverts and Extroverts: Introduction to Introverts and Extroverts
  63. Introverts and Extroverts: Managing Extroverts
  64. Introverts and Extroverts: Managing Introverts
  65. Leadership of a Diverse Group
  66. Mistakes Leaders Make: Six Wrong Ways to Manage
  67. Motivating Won’t Do’s
  68. Psychological Safety for Employees
  69. Psychological Safety for Managers
  70. Staying Positive
  71. Successful Delegation
  72. Tokenism
  73. Unconscious Bias: 01. What is Unconscious Bias?
  74. Unconscious Bias: 02. Types of Unconscious Bias
  75. Unconscious Bias: 03. Overcoming Unconscious Bias
  76. Working Well with Everyone: 01. What is Diversity?
  77. Working Well with Everyone: 02. The Diversity Continuum
  78. Working Well with Everyone: 03. The Mistake of Stereotyping
  79. Working Well with Everyone: 04. The Power of Inclusion
  80. Working Well with Everyone: 05. Diversity = Greatness
  81. Career Change
  82. Creating a Work Plan
  83. Isms: Avoiding Items in the Workplace
  84. Isms: Exploring Isms in the Workplace
  85. Isms: Overcoming Isms in the Workplace
  86. Mistakes Leaders Make: Impedership
  87. Neurodiversity: Misconceptions About Neurodiversity
  88. Neurodiversity: Working With Neurodiverse People
  89. Privilege: Privilege Scenarios
  90. Privilege: Using Your Privilege
  91. Privilege: What is Privilege?
  92. Supervising a Pronoid
  93. You Get What You Manage – The Pygmalion Effect
  94. Customer Service Basics
  95. Productivity Through Praise
  96. Professional Boundaries: Confidentiality
  97. Professional Boundaries: Conflicts of Interest
  98. Professional Boundaries: Nepotism and Favoritism
  99. Professional Boundaries: Office Romances
  100. Rethinking Brainstorming
  101. Riding Along with Sales Reps
  102. Running a Sales Meeting
  103. S.C.A.M.P.E.R.
  104. Territory Management: Managing a New Territory
  105. Privacy Course Module – HIPAA (US)
  106. Mental Health Awareness and Support in the Workplace

SafetyNow offers all 31 of the Essential full length courses in French.

SafetyNow currently offers over 250 Spanish safety training courses, and is adding over 20 more each month.

ERGO Inc.’s elearning suite is a fully narrated, engaging, and dynamic suite of 5 core office ergonomic modules. Your employees will learn to correctly set themselves up at a computer workstation and how to use proper body mechanics when performing work functions. Becoming more knowledgeable with their workstation and work tasks will allow employees to be more productive, efficient and safe. It has been designed to deliver critical ergonomic and injury prevention information for office staff anywhere, at anytime.

E-learning provides:

  • Animated graphics, audio narration, motion and a flexible format
  • Available 24/7 self-paced learning

ERGO Inc.’s Office Ergonomic E-learning modules include:

  • Desktop and laptop ergonomic set up and stretching for computer users
  • Proper selection of an office chair & 7 steps to properly adjust an office chair
  • ERGO Tips for mousing, laptop use, keying and safe handling
  • The ergonomics of sit/stand workstations
  • How to implement the RIGHT kind of stretching and wellness procedures for ergonomic health

eLearning Administrative Features

You can buy a single module, or all 5 as a suite.

ERGO Inc.’s E-learning solutions can be delivered through SafetyNow or your own LMS. Volume pricing options are available. All courses are guaranteed to work on any LMS and any device.

Download the 2021/2022 ERGO Consulting Services Brochure

Download a Laptop Ergonomics Toolkit Card

Download a Mental Health & Ergonomics Toolkit Card

Utah Food Handlers Training $35.34
ANSI-Accredited Food Handler Training $11.10
Ohio Person-in-Charge Certification in Food Protection $17.99
Florida Food Safety First $13.89
California Food Handler – San Diego County Specific Course $13.89
Texas Food Manager Certification $48.61
Ohio Manager Certification in Food Protection $118.05
Food Safety Manager Principles Training $118.05
ANSI Food Manager Certification Exam with Online Proctor $89.25

Washington D.C. On-Premises Alcohol Awareness Training $34.72
Vermont Alcohol Server Awareness Program (ASAP) $34.72
Washington D.C. Off-Premises Alcohol Awareness Training $34.72
South Carolina Alcohol Seller-Server Training (On-Premises) $20.84
Indiana Alcohol Server Training (On-Premises) $27.76
Indiana Alcohol Server Training (Off-Premises) $27.76
Wyoming Alcohol Seller-Server Training $34.72
Vermont Alcohol Server Awareness Program (ASAP) Off-Premises $34.72
Illinois BASSET Training $20.82
Tobacco Seller Training  $13.81
Virginia Alcohol Seller-Server Training $18.05
South Carolina Alcohol Seller-Server Training (Off-Premises) $20.84
North Carolina Responsible Alcohol Seller-Server Training $20.82
Maine Alcohol Seller-Server Training (On-Premises) $13.87
Alcohol Seller-Server Training (On-Premises) $10.41
Alcohol Seller-Server Training (Off-Premises) $10.41
Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor $20.84
Oregon Alcohol Server Education $20.84
Tennessee Responsible Beer Vendor $16.66
Michigan Alcohol Seller-Server Training $27.76
Oklahoma Alcohol Seller-Server Training $15.20
TABC Certification Training – Alcohol Seller-Server $15.34
Arizona Title 4 Management Training (Off-Premises) $48.61
Arizona Title 4 Management Training (On-Premises) $48.61
Arizona Title 4 Basic Training (Off-Premises) $22.15
Arizona Title 4 Basic Training (On-Premises) $29.16
Utah E.A.S.Y Off-Premises Alcohol Sales Training $23.61
Bowling Green Kentucky Alcohol Seller-Server Training $34.72
Lexington-Fayette Kentucky Alcohol Seller-Server Training $34.72
New York ATAP Certification (Off-Premises) $27.76
New York ATAP Certification (On-Premises) $27.76
Utah On-Premise Alcohol Seller-Server Training $34.16
Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training $20.76
California Responsible Beverage Server Training (RBS) $64.14