Fuel Delivery Petroleum Spill Training

From an OSHA, EPA & Transport Canada authorized online outreach provider.

Our training session on handling fuel, oil and chemical spills is aimed at teaching you the basics of how to deal with distribution spills safely and effectively.

Spills can happen in various places like workshops, factories, plants, or outdoor work areas, but spills that happen during distribution are unique in their risks and procedures for handling them correctly.  It’s important to know the right steps, tools, and rules to follow in these situations.

We emphasize the need for having spill kits available where and when spills are likely to happen, but everyone working in distribution should know what’s in these kits and the basic steps to clean up a spill – it can reduce the environmental damage, costs, and save your life.

This training takes less than an hour and can be done right at your office. If you prefer, we can also have your team come to one of our office locations.

In our training, you’ll learn about:

  • Figuring out if a spill is dangerous or not.
  • Steps to take if a spill is dangerous.
  • Why Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are important.
  • The need to plan ahead for spills.
  • How to make an action plan.
  • Knowing the advantages and uses of different spill control products.
  • Methods to control, contain, and clean up a spill.
  • How to properly dispose of spills and report them.

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When an incident occurs, a physiological reaction occurs know as fight or flight. Rushing to action can be dangerous and trying to remain calm requires discipline and practice. As a site operator or driver, you most likely will be the initial responder to a spill and you are required by law to take some form of action if safe to do so.

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Construction workers make up about 6% of the labor force and 20% of the workplace fatalities. Despite all the advances in construction safety equipment and technology, the construction industry continues to face high rates of fatal and nonfatal injuries and accidents among its workers. In fact, it is the third highest rate of any industry.



Educational organizations, from local schools to universities, house diverse roles that require unique safety measures. With SafetyNow’s versatile training solutions and a streamlined learning management system, you can effortlessly meet the safety your safety training needs and ensures compliance.



Energy sector workers face a fatality rate seven times higher than national averages. SafetyNow offers mobile-optimized, field-ready training courses across Oil, Gas, Solar, and Wind industries, complying with IADC, AESC, and API guidelines, designed to enhance on-site safety, and reduce administrative costs.



Municipalities, with varied regional needs, all demand safety training tailored to their unique municipal roles—from city hall to waste management. SafetyNow customizes solutions to cut administrative efforts while addressing the diverse departmental requirements.



Manufacturing sub-sectors each have unique training needs, yet all need compliant, job-specific safety training. SafetyNow provides a tailored solution for every manufacturing domain, from fabrication to warehousing, reducing administrative demands.



The retail and services sector’s public-facing roles demand specialized safety training. SafetyNow offers compliant, custom courses like De-escalation Techniques, a robust LMS, and expert guidance to safeguard employees, customers, and your bottom line.


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