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Understanding HR Policies: 

Holiday Parties, Harassment and Capacity Planning. 

Tis the season to wonder how many employees will really be fully on board during the days when shopping and merriment pose an attractive distraction. The odds are that during December your employees will already be just a little less productive as they dash out for some shopping, discuss holiday plans and even participate in office holiday activities. Download our special report and learn about  steps you can put in place to help mitigate any potential concerns. including:

Get Access to Expert Legal Advice, Easy-to-Implement Tools, Compliant Policies, Training, Documentation and More...

This report covers everything that could affect your company and its employees during the festive holiday season. With relatable cases and laws you can reduce the risk of fines or civil actions.

In the report you will receive:

Capacity Planning: Staffing Capacity and the Holiday Season
Discipline: Fallout After the Office Holiday Party
Ask the Expert: Can you Fire an Employee for Misbehaving at a Company Social Function?
Capacity Planning: Staffing Capacity and the Holiday Season
Capacity Planning: Staffing Capacity and the Holiday Season
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