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Exceeds all New York state-mandated requirements for sexual harassment training. Author your own course and build programs unique to your workplace. Enhanced LMS features allow you to author your own courses and incorporate company materials.

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Training Done Right! Advanced LMS Features

Fully Customizable

We make it simple to rollout the sexual harassment training to support your workplace. Build a program out of courses specific to your workplace needs and integrate your policies.

Ready Set Go

Bundle courses into programs for easy assignment. Assign multiple courses at the same time. Great for new hire orientation and group training. Set-up once and assign.

50-State Compliant

Our online training fulfills the sexual harassment training requirements of all state laws including those in New York, California, and Connecticut. Train confidently with ou fully compliant courses.

Monitor Retention

With the appropriately named Retain feature you can gain insight into your training methods and what resonates with your users with detailed reporting and follow-up quizzes.

Course Certificates

Know how employees score. Award certificates for required or option learning so learners can prove accomplishments and you can design a more intuitive learning journey.

Create Your Own

Create content quickly and easily. Take your existing training materials and create online training courses with quizzes and completion tracking.

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The Benefits of SafetyNow OLT

The most advanced LMS that allows you to author your own unique programs.

Course Indexing & Email Reminders

Manage your safety training in a central index. Find all published an unpublished content to edit, copy, or modify.

Set up manual and automated reminders to help keep learner informed of deadlines and new courses available. Contact users directly from the LMS.

Learning Library & Retention Monitoring

Use default roles with associated permissions, or modify permissions to fit your organization’s needs. You can also create custom roles to ensure that individuals have the appropriate amount of access.

With Retain feature you can gain in-depth insight and knowledge into you training methods. Monitor engagement, completion, and more with detailed reporting and follow-up exercises.

Get NEW York State Complaint Harassment Training!

This course teaches how to report an incident of sexual harassment and how to empower victims and witnesses to report the incident through the reassurance that they are not alone, and that they are protected by law from retaliation by their employer or the harasser.

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A Review of Course Content

Comprehensive elarning on all types of workplace harassment.

Course Versions

Our courses provide you with compliance in all 50 states. Multi-state employers can now comply with state and local harassment training laws in all states with only three course versions:

  • Advanced (2 Hours): For supervisors in California, supervisors in New York City, and all Connecticut employees the first time they train.

  • Extending (1 Hour): For California and New York City non-supervisors.

  • Fundamentals (45 Minutes): For all supervisors and non-supervisors in all other states.

To comply with various jurisdictions’ sexual harassment prevention training laws, on certain course pages users select where they work to receive location-specific instruction. As noted above, the 45-minute Fundamentals Version is taken by both supervisors and non-supervisors. Some jurisdictions require that non-supervisors also receive employee training on supervisors’ duties.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Define sexual harassment wholistically. Understand different kinds of sexual harassment and how to identify, mitigate, and train employees on the different kinds of unwelcomed conduct.

Types of Harassment

Funnel down to the specifics and don’t miss those grey areas. The course functions as a resource to develop employee knowledge on general workplace harassment and provides information that covers areas where other courses fall short.

Upgrade Your Safety Training Strategy!

Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners are in control of what and when they’re learning. This learning strategy can help modernize your safety training and offer a more flexible approach to your training schedule.

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Customized For Your Workplace

Author unique programs, monitor and share reports.

Standard Customizations

Customize our LMS with branding specific to your organization. Include your documents into curated training programs and assign as needed.

Advanced Course Settings

Set email reminders and automate reports on retention and course completion. Organize all content into one place for easy access.

Group Discussions

Create a community or discussion group around question or though-provoking statements to get people involved spontaneously or in scheduled intervals.

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Assigning a Course

Quick Quizzes

The Quiz tool makes creating and sending out quizzes a simple task. Create short answer quizzes to gather feedback and sentiment regarding your organization.

Simple Surveys

Easy-to-create surveys allow you to quickly knows (and measure) how employee feel, what they need to know and how to address their issues in real time.

Intuitive Navigation

Our intuitively designed interface is simple, clean and easy to use. Combining familiar, web-based navigation techniques with our powerful learning tools without all the confusion.


Construction workers make up about 6% of the labor force and 20% of the workplace fatalities. Despite all the advances in construction safety equipment and technology, the construction industry continues to face high rates of fatal and nonfatal injuries and accidents among its workers. In fact, it is the third highest rate of any industry.



Educational organizations, from local schools to universities, house diverse roles that require unique safety measures. With SafetyNow’s versatile training solutions and a streamlined learning management system, you can effortlessly meet the safety your safety training needs and ensures compliance.



Energy sector workers face a fatality rate seven times higher than national averages. SafetyNow offers mobile-optimized, field-ready training courses across Oil, Gas, Solar, and Wind industries, complying with IADC, AESC, and API guidelines, designed to enhance on-site safety, and reduce administrative costs.



Municipalities, with varied regional needs, all demand safety training tailored to their unique municipal roles—from city hall to waste management. SafetyNow customizes solutions to cut administrative efforts while addressing the diverse departmental requirements.



Manufacturing sub-sectors each have unique training needs, yet all need compliant, job-specific safety training. SafetyNow provides a tailored solution for every manufacturing domain, from fabrication to warehousing, reducing administrative demands.



The retail and services sector’s public-facing roles demand specialized safety training. SafetyNow offers compliant, custom courses like De-escalation Techniques, a robust LMS, and expert guidance to safeguard employees, customers, and your bottom line.


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Download your free training calendar in any of our specialized industries. Free, no obligation, compliant safety training program. It’s broken down by role and department, so you can easily implement it today.

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Create Your Own Courses with the Authoring Tool

Make your safety training simple and effective. LMS’s should be saving you time and increasing user engagement – yet so many are unengaging and difficult to navigate.

That’s why SafetyNow’s authoring feature provides you with all of the customizable features you need to ensure your members are completing their training and truly understanding it.

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