Pretend you’re the supervisor who instructed this chap to do this work. First, discuss what could have been done in advance to make this scene safer. Second, discuss what your reaction would be if you pulled up to this scene and saw how the work was being performed.

Image Source: Reddit

What could have been done in advance?

  • Conduct a hazard assessment to determine hazards – present and anticipated – and control measures that must be in place before work begins.
    • PPE needed – safety glasses, hearing protection, possibly a faces shield. What else?
    • Traffic control.
    • Possible solution to ergonomic issues related to awkward/bent posture. Though the hazard assessment might determine the risk for an ergonomic injury is low and no control is needed.

What would you do if you arrived upon this scene?

  • Ask the worker if he was instructed to wear PPE – and if so, find out why he wasn’t wearing it.
    • Was it not provided?
    • Did he forget it?
    • Was the fit or something else wrong with it?
  • Discuss traffic hazards and if anything needs to be done to address these hazards.
  • Check with worker regarding his awkward bent posture. If the work can’t be performed in a different position, talk to the worker about taking regular rest breaks.

What other hazards and subsequent control measures can you come up with?