Integration With SafetyNow

“Track and access training and compliance in one place.” 

You can now use SiteDocs to manage and track all your forms, audits, and overall compliance while leveraging SafetyNow’s award-winning learning management platform and expansive library of OHS & HR training and micro-training in English, French and Spanish.

Enjoy the Benefits of Digital Forms

“Do you remember when we didn’t have email and had to write letters with pen and paper? I expect very shortly we’ll say the same about safety.”

Easy-to-Fill-Out Forms

Learning to fill out forms on the app and using it on site is easy. Check boxes, add photos, and sign documents all with the tip of your finger! Furthermore, you can type comments without ever worrying about running out of space. And by using your device’s voice dictation technology, you can even use your voice to fill out textbox areas, instantly converting your spoken words into written.

Instantly Available at Head Office

Once a form is filled out and signed on a mobile device, it is automatically time stamped, saved to your account, and available at Head Office. You don’t have to store it on site, drive it back to Head Office, or spend any time filing it. You also don’t ever have to deal with forms being damaged, lost, or forgotten again.

On-Site Access to Your Safety Documents

“Don’t waste time flipping pages in a binder – a quick search and your document is right there!”

SiteDocs for iPad gives you easy access to all your safety documents. Now your Safety Manual, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, MSDS sheets, and more are all just a tap away. Want to find a Safe Job Procedure on scaffolding? No problem! Simply type ‘scaffolding’ in the search bar and it’s instantly available.

“I can tell you this: I don’t miss my filing cabinet!”

You can login from any computer’s web browser to see the forms your employees have filled out. Forms are automatically grouped by project and sorted by date or form type. You can also open employee profiles and view every form an employee has ever signed.

Smart Employee Certifications

“I can see all employee certifications and even check which ones are expiring soon.”

SiteDocs does the work of tracking each employee’s individual certifications, as well as showing you which certifications in your company are coming due for renewal.

All Your Forms Are Automatically Filed


Find out how you can improve your due diligence, reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance, save money, & build a better safety culture with SiteDocs and SafetyNow.


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“Going digital with SiteDocs meant we could maximize revenue. Time saved on safety paperwork was redirected to business development. We grew our company and went after larger contracts.”
Vanessa & Brook Andres,
Owners, Triple A Directional Drilling Ltd.
2021 WCB Safe Employer Winners

“I’ve used other electronic systems before, and this one is super functionally easy.”
Sean Wright, EHS Manager,
Clayton Homes Sacramento, USA

Saved $100,000 & Missed Less Work
“Instant reporting of critical incidents protects the health of our staff and our bottom line. They see the doctor more promptly, I can modify their work same-day, prevent strain and have ZERO missed workdays in most cases. We expect to get a rebate of nearly $100,000 from Partners in Injury Reduction this year, in huge part due to SiteDocs.”
Chelsey Wright, COHS, NCSO Safety Specialist
Edmonton International Airport, Canada

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