Stop Sexual Harassment: Required Training for Employees & Managers

Engaging training on workplace sexual harassment is crucial for organizations of all sizes. Effective training is an essential part of the strategy to keep sexual harassment out of the workplace and to maintain a safe work environment for all. If you are in California, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware or New York – it is required by law for all employees, managers and contractors.

Our interactive eLearning exceeds all State, Federal and municipal requirements. The courses work on our award-winning Learning Management System (LMS), which includes certificates of completion, recordkeeping, reminders, and more – or can be easily set-up to work onyour LMS.

The first step in eliminating sexual harassment involves educating all members of the workforce on sexual harassment and acceptable behaviors. Managers and supervisors must be given additional specialized training on how to property handle cases of sexual harassment. The final step is setting up a process for handling complaints, investigations, and corrective measures.

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