Instructor-Led vs. Online Safety Training

Why You Should Be Embracing Online Safety Training

eLearning is the act of engaging in an educational course in an online setting.

eLearning courses can exist in a variety of forms, using a range of technologies. Commonly used in organizations like schools and corporations, eLearning can help learners complete education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility than traditional classroom-based learning. eLearning courses can use a variety of techniques, including audio and video recordings, presentations, quizzes, surveys, games, and more.

The benefits of eLearning.

eLearning has the power to make learning more accessible for users around the world. In education, this brings learning opportunities to previously disadvantaged groups. In business, this helps deal with an increasingly global workforce. When learning materials are online, users are able to access content anywhere and anytime.

Since it’s delivered online, eLearning solutions can include videos, tests, activities, and images in the training; it may also include:

  1. Interactive videos
  2. Mobile learning
  3. Gamification
  4. Virtual or augmented reality simulations
  5. Personalized learning paths

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