Those who bottle stress inside and don’t deal with it aren’t just at greater risk for developing heart disease, cancer, depression and many other illnesses, but also for getting hurt on and off the job,

Stress can cause all kinds of problems, both physical and emotional. When people are feeling stressed, their bodies become tense and tight. Even
bending over to pick up a pencil from the floor can cause a muscle strain.

Pulling a muscle is one thing, but far more serious is the potential for stress to distract people from activities that demand full attention – such as driving or operating machinery. If you’ve ever been immersed in a problem while driving and later can’t recall large parts of the trip, it’s easy to see how your inattention and sluggish reaction time could have caused a fatal crash. 70 percent of workplace injury incidents are caused by similar  in attention.

Why do some people seem to deal well with stress, while others don’t? Studies have shown that those who view problems as challenges and do not feel threatened by them tend to have better health and feel more in control than those who feel powerless against change and uncertain times.

Choosing to stuff stress inside and avoid dealing with problems will only make things worse, and quite possibly lead to a physical or mental health

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