Better Occupational Health & Safety

Is About So Much More Than Checking A Box


49% of safety managers struggle daily with making their safety message stick with employees – employees distracted with phones, production pressures, themselves, others or just tired of hearing the same old thing the same old way to be engaged. Accidents happen when you aren’t prepared, aware, and protected. There’s a better solution – SafetyNow.


39% of safety managers struggle every day, wasting time looking for new and fresh ways to tell their legally required safety message that is compliant, relevant, and not a repeat word-for-word of what the majority of their teams have heard year-over-year-over-year. You can reinforce your guaranteed compliant safety message at the click of a button with SafetyNow.


51% of safety managers say they have the RIGHT safety message, but that it isn’t delivered consistently across divisions, locations, or shifts by front line supervisors who either aren’t great trainers, just want to get it over with, or don’t buy-in. There are tools to solve this problem – SafetyNow.


Sometimes executives struggle to see the value in safety, how every dollar spent yields $8 in increased revenue or reduced costs elsewhere, which is why nearly 3/4 of safety managers cite communicating value to management as their biggest struggle. SafetyNow has reporting & analytics, cases and proven ROI to make the business case for safety.

Want to Know Some Scary Facts?

scary facts

Because Occupational Health & Safety Is A Scary Business

  • $38K – average direct cost of a workplace accident or injury – NSC

  • $192K – average indirect cost of a workplace accident or injury – NSC

  • Average fatality has costs 10-20x greater than above

  • 1 in 35 – significant injuries per workplace accidents & incidents

  • 3/100 – Non-fatal workplace injuries per 100 FTE

  • 16 workplace fatalities every day in North America

  • $154K – average settlement for civil case in Canada

  • $671K – average settlement for civil case in USA

  • $27K – average legal cost for civil case in Canada

  • $61K – average legal cost for civil case in USA

The Scariest Facts

In case you didn’t already know.


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We Asked 3,000 Safety Managers in 2022

Over 90% of safety managers do not know if training is working.


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Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

70% of traditional safety training is forgotten in the first 24 hours – over 90% in the
first 5 days.


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Don't Be Fooled Into A False Calm

Attendance is not verification that training was learned and sunk in.

What If There’s A Better Way?

What if these facts didn’t scare you because you had an OHS solution that made sure you weren’t a statistic.

The proven tools in SafetyNow make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our members find their training is:

  • 60% more consistent
  • 52% more effective
  • and experience a 35% reduction in their accident & incident rates in their first year

Our training has an 8x higher retention rate than any other online training. Deliver the right training to your employees, no matter where they are, what device they use or how tech-savvy they are. With SafetyNow’s retention module (part of our online course packages), your safety message sticks and training recall is over 95% even after 30 days.

Our members report saving over 175 hours in their first year alone. What would you do with an extra 4.5 weeks of time?

Since 1929 we have helped hundreds of thousands of organizations reduce accidents & incidents, lower insurance premiums, increase profits and build safety cultures – now it’s your turn.

Real Value

We want to be your partner and help ensure your OHS is…


Making sure your employees are always getting the right safety message.


Making sure the right message is delivered the right way, every time.


Let us show you how doing things the right way makes money.

Get Started

SafetyNow makes training easy! Join the 100,000+ satisfied customers! Find out how they are reducing accidents & incidents, improving retention rates, and cutting costs by training better.


Backed by Almost 100 Years of Safety

Since we started Safe Foreman in 1929, we’ve helped save millions of workers with compliant & engaging training.

Certified Trainers and OHS/EHS/HR Lawyers

At SafetyNow we believe in bringing the best instructors and knowledge experts into our content creation program. We have certified trainers, specialists, lawyers and adult learning leaders building the tools and solutions you need to develop your people and keep them safe.

Over 10,000 OHS, EHS & HR Trainings

SafetyNow has the largest online collection of instructor-led safety meeting kits and other training materials available – and were adding more than 1 new kit every day. Along with our nearly 1,000 online courses, micro-trainings, and refreshers, SafetyNow has your Industry specific safety training needs met. What’s more, we’re adding almost 40 more courses each quarter, optimized for mobile delivery.

Accessibility is Critical to Build a Safety Culture

Every SafetyNow course is 508 compliant. Every SafetyNow course and resource is mobile optimized. Every SafetyNow course is available in multiple languages. Every SafetyNow solution will work on any device, in any location, at any time. Why? Because every employee has the LEGAL RIGHT to effective safety training that works for them.