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Construction workers make up about 6% of the labor force and 20% of the workplace fatalities. Despite all the advances in construction safety equipment and technology, the construction industry continues to face high rates of fatal and nonfatal injuries and accidents among its workers. In fact, it is the third highest rate of any industry.

The construction industry accounts for 6% of all injuries that result in lost days of work. Construction workers ages 25-34 were most likely to sustain an injury on the job, and the total workplace injury costs exceed $170 billion each year in construction alone.

SafetyNow has a proven solution that engages younger workers, is mobile-first, and has higher-retention rates than the competition. Construction has a higher attrition rate than most industries, which, when you consider the dangers and risks, highlights the importance of engaging safety training to reduce accidents & incident rates, workers comp costs, and meet those grinding timelines to keep your construction business profitable.

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All of SafetyNow’s courses are based on published guidance from regional legislators, OSHA, EPA and DOT; our training utilizes situational examples and relevant imagery to create an engaging experience customized for construction workers Download Catalog.

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Working on a construction site with different contractors? Download SafetyNow’s Contractor Safety Kit for insight and tools you can use to improve your safety training program today.




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Construction is a unique industry with critical safety training needs. SafetyNow’s certified trainers and OHS lawyers have built an annual program for you as a starting point to building a better safety training program at your organization. Download your safety training plan today!.

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And we want to work with you too, which is why we discount all of our solutions 30% for construction companies right off the top – across the board. We know you have communities to build and maintain. We want to be your partner, not your vendor, and deliver compliant & relevant training, reduce your administrative burdens, and help you build safer communities.

Download SafetyNow’s Cost of a Lack of Safety Training Special Report to see just how much unengaging safety training could be costing you.

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