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While each municipality has different training needs specific to its region, all municipalities require compliant safety training that is targeted to the unique work conditions of a municipal worker. From city hall to waste management, infrastructure, and animal control; municipalities work differently than private enterprises, and they need a safety training solution that helps reduce administration time & investments while meeting the unique needs of various departments… that’s why we’ve customized SafetyNow for Municipalities.

Course Catalog

Here are the training courses most commonly completed by our Municipalities clients


All of SafetyNow’s courses are based on published guidance from regional legislators, OSHA, EPA and DOT; our training utilizes situational examples and relevant imagery to create an engaging experience customized for municipal employees. Download Catalog.

Municipality Case Story

Read about the great work we are doing with the City of Rochester


We’re developing custom content and lowering accidents & incidents – find out more.

State of Safety

Find out what city safety managers think about the state of safety training.


We surveyed 3,000 safety managers across North America to get a picture of what safety training looks like in a post-pandemic world. Find out what the results showed when we sliced the data by municipality safety managers only.

2023 Safety Training Program

With SafetyNow, we've already built out your compliant safety training program by job function and department - all you have to do is upload your employees to our LMS and your ready to go for a full year of compliant online and offline safety training specifically built for municipalities.

Download Your 2023 Calendar

Download our 2023 Safety Training Calendar at no cost. Use it to develop and/or audit your existing program, or reach out to SafetyNow to see how we can implement a compliant safety training program for you at less than half the cost of others while helping you  reduce your accident/incident rates and workers compensation insurance premiums by more than 40%.

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Find out how you can implement compliant safety training built for municipalities that is guaranteed to lower costs, workers’ compensation premiums, accidents & incident rates, and overhead; all while improving retention rates, productivity, and visibility across departments. Sign up for a free pilot and find out why other municipalities across North America are partnering with SafetyNow.

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We Work With Municipalities Big and Small

And we want to work with you too, which is why we discount all of our solutions 30% for municipalities right off the top – across the board. We know you have tax dollars to consider. We know you have communities to build and maintain. We want to be your partner, not your vendor, and deliver compliant & relevant training, reduce your administrative burdens, and help you build safer communities.

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