We Build Custom Training

Our people stayed up countless nights cramming, studying, practicing & working to develop the expertise and skill set to build great online training… oh, and we have all the tools, equipment & software too!

Our courses are compliant, that’s a guarantee, but sometimes you may want to “spice up” our award-winning content with images from your worksite or specific training for your machinery, equipment, workplace hazards or anything else to make the courses more relevant to your exact working environments.

Good news, you can do that, and depending on the level of customization you want; it could be entirely self-driven or involve a very minimal amount of development time with one of our elearning specialists – either way, SafetyNow is your partner and will work with you to deliver a training solution that is engaging and effective, while also saving you time and money.

With SafetyNow’s award-winning LMS, you can instantly convert PPT, WORD docs, videos, and other media into complete online courses; or use our course builder to easily create content from scratch – no coding required. However, if you want something more sophisticated, maybe broken down into modules, maybe something that utilizes alternative learning paths and other adaptive learning techniques; our elearning team can take your raw text, images, and structure and turn it into a SCORM or xAPI compliant elearning course that you can use on our Learning Management System, or host anywhere you want… it’s your content after all.

Our elearning specialists are experts in adult learning and will work directly with you and your team to build an engaging, compliant, effective, and cost conscious course or courses.

Our primary goal at SafetyNow is to help as many organizations as we can to deliver compliant, engaging, and effective safety training that reduces accidents & incidents, costs, and time spent training, while increasing productivity, profits, and ultimately, ensuring every employee is safe at work. We’re trying to save lives after all.

But we’re also really good at helping organizations reinvest in their people and upskill employees. We build more than just OHS content, and we can help you to streamline your onboarding and other organizational training too.

The biggest cost associated with new employees is the recruiting costs, we can help you to make sure that investment pays off for a long time.

If you have other training needs, don’t look at us as a one trick pony… there are so many other cards up our sleeves, or hoofs as it were.

Unsure where to start? Don’t worry, our experts help you build the dashboards and reports you need to measure what matters most.

They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

“What’s really impressed me is that 100% of our learners are completing their learning, which I had never seen before in my career. That is just amazing. This LMS makes it so easy to learn.”


We Build White Labelled Solutions

We work with some of the largest insurers and organizations in the world. They take our training resources and white label them for their policy holders, divisions, and/or employees. We’re not picky! You can put your brand on our great content. We just want to help as many people as we can to have access to great safety training and go home safe at the end every workday.

We work with large Insurance partners and Fortune 100 organizations that see the value in a consistent and compliant safety training resource, but don’t necessarily want to divert key employees from audits, inspections and other activities to maintaining an organizational safety resource for all employees or policy holders. However, they also need to maintain certain branding and identity guidelines, and/or have privacy concerns that their legal departments say are a pretty big issue.

So how do these partners balance all of this?

Short answer, they take our great safety training solutions and rebrand it as their own. We do all the work of developing content and maintaining compliance, we manage any service issues (SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime), we maintain whatever privacy protocols are required (API, integrations, SSOL, etc.) – all the while looking and acting as if we are that organization.

SafetyNow looks at every client as a true partner.


You can source our content on your LMS if you want to and white-label our instructor-led resources and solutions. You can white label courses if you want. You can co-brand if that makes more sense.

We’re interested in building a partnership that is going to best serve your employees and your organizations needs.

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