9 Reasons You Should Embrace Online Training

With A Historical Account of Workplace Training

How Does Your Safety Training Compare to the 19th Century?

Since the Industrial Revolution, we had been used to learning/training in a particular way. The way we learned from our childhood carried into adulthood and the workplace – leaving many holes in modern day training practices that do not adopt online training programs. These programs are mainly beneficial because they allow learners of all kinds to learn at their own pace.

Cognitive theories and brain science show the human beings are wired to learn in ways that are fundamentally opposed to traditional learning methods. The process of developing skills for work started during the industrial age. There is evidence of classroom-based training at large firms, where employers needed to pass on information to a lot of people in a short span of time.

Discover how your safety training strategy compares to methods used before technology increased worker productivity, and, consequently, the amount of specialized training needed to work in specific industries.

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