Safety culture, or the way safety is perceived, valued and prioritized in any company, has obvious effects on accident rates, but it also impacts competitiveness, productivity, reliability, and employee morale. Companies with an effective safety culture know that by making safety an asset rather than a risk brings them positive economic results throughout their business.

Of course, as a Safety Professional, you have an understanding of the effectiveness of your safety program – but do you have effective benchmarks against other companies? Do you KNOW what is working for others in your industry? What isn’t?

Bongarde and the Work Safety Institute conducted this survey to identify key benchmarks and determine the best practices for workplace safety training in North America across multiple industries.

The intent of this survey was to compare data from our previous 2018 survey and to try and measure if their were any significant changes in the priorities, expectations, and/or operations of OHS training in North America.
With over 3,700 responses overall, we are confident that the insight and trends here are a fair representation of the changes in safety training in the last 4 years.

Some of the Key Findings

The COVID pandemic has impacted the global economy and changed the workplace indefinitely.

Necessity forced a rapid escalation in the adoption of technologies for most business services and OHS training was no exception.

A new and younger OHS professional is driving the adoption of online micro-training and SAAS for compliance and reporting. What was an emerging trend in 2018 has been rapidly adopted as the new normal.

Looking to the future, mobile-ready and automated training programs will support the future, younger OHS professional as they transition to a more process/program manager than direct instructional role.

What are the benefits of this new model?

  • Significantly lower accident & incident rates.
  • Significantly lower insurance and worker compensation costs.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Lower operating costs.

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