1. We surveyed 1,583 safety professionals in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.
  2. Most safety professionals have deep experience (OVER 70% have more than 5 years) and are deeply committed.
  3. MOST of the companies have safety meetings at least monthly (34% have daily or weekly meetings).
  4. The biggest challenges to safety training are 1) keeping employees engaged, 2) finding new sources of material and 3) communicating the value to management.
  5. OVER 90% of safety professionals believe that blended learning is superior to any one format –the variety improves engagement, comprehension and retention.
  6. The most effective safety training formats outside of safety meetings are on the job safety interventions, followed by online learning courses.
  7. Key factors for evaluating online training courses are modern images, industry specific content and use of video.
  8. Over the next few years, online and mobile training will become more important.
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