How Do You Sell Safety to Management?

Practical Guidance and Solutions for Safety Managers and Supervisors

A safety culture cannot thrive without resources, disciplined safety programs and a management system to make it work. Managers and supervisors must be good salesmen in selling safety to their employees. They must demonstrate by example. When workers see their own bosses ignoring safety protocols on the job site, this safety culture begins to unravel and everyone becomes complacent to the hazards.

How do your employees perceive safety on the job? Using anonymous questionnaires is a good start. It also shows that the company values workers’ opinions, which can pave the way for buy-in. Do they feel adequately trained to do the job safely? Do they feel confident in identifying hazards without repercussions?

Developing a safety culture is one thing, but getting the budget to keep it going is another. Workplace safety doesn’t improve on its own; it needs financial commitment. Senior management must be convinced that the company can increase its profits by reducing injuries. Outline the cost of risk and the associated insurance premiums. Once they see the dollars involved, they may change their tune and relax their vice-like grip on the budget.

Loss prevention is a great way to increase profits, so come prepared with examples during your next meeting with a senior manager.

Selling safety can be a real chore when you’re faced with indifference or tight purse strings. But not buying it can be a much harder pill to swallow.

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