Are you getting through to your crew? Or are your safety training and compliance efforts falling on deaf ears? Break through to your crew by carefully evaluating these 10 common roadblocks to effectively providing safety training.

  • They Really Can’t Hear You
  • You’re Speaking Greek
  • They Hear the Message but Don’t Understand the Reason
  • They Don’t Appreciate the Stakes Involved
  • Your Jokes are Garbling the Message
  • You’re Not Listening to Their Questions and Concerns
  • You’re Not Tailoring Your Message to Who They Are
  • You’re Not Testing Their Comprehension
  • You’re Relying Too Heavily on the Spoken Word
  • You’re Not Anticipating Obstacles

There will never be a one-size fits all solution that guarantees 100% of your training participants will take away every nuance of your safety training efforts. However, following best practices and making an effort to avoid these 10-common pitfalls will help you to develop more consistent and effective safety training efforts.

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