The Challenge

Employee interest about safety protocols is a constant challenge across safety programs, and Phyllis Gray, Health & Safety Coordinator for McKesson Canada faced the same problem. “Our safety talks were a bit dry and dull, consisting of a presenter just throwing safety information at employees,” says Phyllis. “They also took a lot of time to research and prepare, and the actual presentations themselves were quite long. As a result, employees paid less attention and simply weren’t that engaged in the process.”

Phyllis and her staff worked hard to improve the program themselves, but this took far more time than anticipated. They really needed a source of rich, interesting, and relevant safety content that they could access quickly and easily to streamline their Safety Talks.

The Results

Since Implementing SafetyNow, it is much quicker to put together Safety Talks. “The Safety Talks are very simple to create. I can now put together a Safety Talk in minutes as opposed to hours,” says Phyllis.

The quality of the Safety Talks has also gone up dramatically, increasing employee interest and engagement in the safety program. “The employee feedback from our Safety Talks has been very positive. They like the option of audio and visual, not just listening to a supervisor talk to them about safety. As a result, our employees are more aware of their environment or surroundings,” adds Phyllis.

“Overall, SafetyNow is a very informative and useful tool in the Health & Safety Industry. I do not know how I was managing before we started using SafetyNow; it has made a big difference to our safety program,” says Phyllis.

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