The Challenge

Accident prevention is essential for an effective safety program, and just because you haven’t had any incidents doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.“

“There was no specific problem with our safety program, but there were some areas that we were concerned about, and we decided to address those concerns before they became full-blown problems,” remarks Christopher Caruso, HSE Management System Coordinator for Sanofi Pasteur.

Slips, trips and falls, as well as ladder safety awareness were a few of the areas that we needed to focus on,” added Mr. Caruso.

The Results

Since implementing SafetyNow, Mr. Caruso and his team have found a lot more time to respond to safety concerns on the field, rather than wasting
time researching safety information.

“Our communication program has greatly benefited from SafetyNow. We are able to run more relevant communication campaigns and respond out in the field in a more timely manner because we don’t need to spend the majority of our time in the research phase,” Mr. Caruso says.

“All we have to do is put in a quick search and everything we need is at our fingertips. Overall, I highly recommend SafetyNow – it is easy to use and has a great database of relevant HSE information.”

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