ERGO Office Ergonomics Suite

ERGO Inc.’s eLearning suite is a fully narrated, engaging, and dynamic suite of 5 core office ergonomic modules. Your employees will learn to correctly set themselves up at a computer workstation and how to use proper body mechanics when performing work functions. Becoming more knowledgeable with their workstation and work tasks will allow employees to be more productive, efficient and safe. It has been designed to deliver critical ergonomic and injury prevention information for office staff anywhere, at anytime.

eLearning provides:

  • Animated graphics, audio narration, motion and a flexible format
  • Available 24/7 self-paced learning

ERGO Inc.’s Office Ergonomic eLearning modules include:

  • Desktop and laptop ergonomic set up and stretching for computer users
  • Proper selection of an office chair & 7 steps to properly adjust an office chair
  • ERGO Tips for mousing, laptop use, keying and safe handling
  • The ergonomics of sit/stand workstations
  • How to implement the RIGHT kind of stretching and wellness procedures for ergonomic health

eLearning Administrative Features

You can buy a single module, or all 5 as a suite.

ERGO Inc.’s eLearning solutions can be delivered through SafetyNow or your own LMS. Volume pricing options are available. All courses are guaranteed to work on any LMS and any device.

ERGO Office Ergonomics Suite


Research shows that investments in ergonomics in the workplace have a positive ROI in the first year, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity & retention, and reduce worker’s comp claims by an average of 35%. What are you waiting for? When your staff are comfortable, they work harder and smarter!!