The Dirty Secret

Almost 70% of Traditional Safety Training is Lost After 24 Hours

Safety Training That Sticks

Beating the Forgetting Curve

If your goal is to build a safety culture and maintain a zero-incident rate, making sure that your compliant safety message is retained and implemented is key. But over 90% of safety managers report that their employees are not engaged during safety training. Most are just showing up for the donuts.

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What is SafetyNow Retention?

1. Engaging Training
Maximum retention starts with a training experience delivered in 20 minutes or less to accommodate human attention spans.

2. 2-Minute Refresher
Review key takeaways with a 2 minute bite-sized lesson 24 hours after initial training when learner retention drops the most.

3. Follow-Up Quizzes
Learners continue to recall training through mastery exercises on a regular cadence. Over time, safety sticks!

Nearly Complete Recall – Saves Lives!

With SafetyNow’s retention module (part of our online course packages), your safety message sticks and training recall is over 95% even after 30 days.

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