Employee Engagement Surveys

Improve employee engagement: listen, then act

LMS Surveys

Tap Into Your Workforce

Listen, analyze, and act on employee feedback with easy-to-use engagement surveys. Give employees a voice in building company culture, guide managers to better engage with their people, and bring insights and action plans to leadership.

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Survey Authoring Made Easy

Easily author your own survey questions or use our pre-written set of questions to help measure the health of your organization.

Give Employees the Mic

Show employees they matter most by enabling them to share their voice. Measure employee engagement and quickly check in with specific teams to get opinions.

Find out What’s Driving Your Culture

And take action. Use machine learning to instantly sift through employee comments, highlighting things employees talk about and are interested in.

Equip Managers With Team Survey Results

Give each manager access to their teams’ survey results with manager dashboards, while keeping results anonymous.

Anonymity Rules During Feedback Response

Keeping things anonymous can promote honest feedback. SafetyNow lets administrators ask for more information by responding to employee comments without revealing the commenter’s identity.

They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

“What’s really impressed me is that 100% of our learners are completing their learning, which I had never seen before in my career. That is just amazing. This LMS makes it so easy to learn.”


Employee Engagement Survey Features

SafetyNow Employee Engagement Surveys give employees a voice in building company culture, while helping managers stay in sync with employee morale and overall engagement through meaningful insights and analytics.

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