More Efficient & Less Cost

Besides providing providing quality and consistency of training, an LMS brings immediate cost savings through the following specific areas:

Reduced costs of maintaining multiple software & hardware systems. Our LMS is cloud-based and works on any device, anywhere – so employees can access your learning from any location.

Reduced costs of fines and risk for failing to be compliant with federal and provincial/state regulations.

Reduced costs for administering instructor-led training sessions – think of the savings on donuts alone!

Reduced costs for administering and managing training programs. With our LMS you havecomplete visibility of all key performance indicators that ensure compliance and move the needle. Reduced roll-out costs. With our LMS you can unveil new programs and training simultaneously across geography and business units with a simple click of a button.

Reduced employee turnover. Ununegaged employees cost organizations $3k for every $10k of salary. Our LMS delivers engaging safety training that works and our members experience an over 20% reduction in employee turnover after their first year of implementation — what a great side benefit!

Reduced onboarding costs as new employees are brought up to speed quicker because they can access training from any device, anywhere. What’s
more, the training is discreet, engaging, built on successful cognitive learning theories and is proven to stick.

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