The Challenge

According to Marcia Chiang, Senior Safety Officer, “With over 1,000 employees and 35 locations, it has been extremely difficult staying up-to-date with all the orientation training as well as the refresher training – including courses on Hazard Communication and Fire Protection. I have to rely on a variety of safety officers at a multitude of facilities. Each one has their own style of giving safety talks, tracking participation, and presenting information. Trying to coordinate a uniform safety program across all locations was a big challenge.”

The Results

Capital Power Corporation has found the SafetyNow eLearning System to be an extremely effective solution that saves time, eliminates travel, provides employee input, and allows course content to be updated almost immediately. It enables Capital Power to collect and track
information on employee progress and allows instantaneous feedback.

“Since we started using SafetyNow, we have received positive feedback from all of our safety supervisors. Our safety protocols are now universal across all facilities, eliminating a lot of confusion and ensuring that we stay compliant with 100% of the laws 100% of the time,” adds Chiang.

“It also allows the supervisors to customize the program to their style and tailor it to their employee’s needs, which is essential to driving interest and increasing awareness of safety issues. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about
SafetyNow, and highly recommend it!”

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