SafetyNow Essential: Your Regulatory Required Safety Training Online

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    • Volume Discounts available
    • Per Learner pricing
    • Financing available
    • Multi-Year Discounts available
    • Based on annual commitment
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What's Included in the Essential Package

Whether you’re in the construction industry, retail, manufacturing, electrical trade, or oil and gas sector, safety training is mandatory. For some employers, providing the required safety training for all their employees and supervisors can be a challenge. Online training is a cost-effective, flexible, competency-based, and convenient form of safety training.

SafetyNow online training has been shown to reduce accident & incident rates by over 50%, cut liability insurance premiums by over 40%, and increase productivity and product quality. Better safety training yields results!

The SafetyNow Essential package includes 159 courses, with new micro-training adding every month. You’ll get 15 Better Business courses, 31 Full-length Compliant courses, 87 Micro-training courses, and 26 Refresher courses. That works out to less than $0.016/course/month. Compliant safety training and an LMS for pennies.

BETTER BUSINESS: Being an Effective Team
BETTER BUSINESS: Coaching and Feedback
BETTER BUSINESS: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
BETTER BUSINESS: Customer Service Success
BETTER BUSINESS: Effective Meetings
BETTER BUSINESS: Emotional Intelligence
BETTER BUSINESS: Generational Awareness
BETTER BUSINESS: Goal Setting & Achieving
BETTER BUSINESS: HIPAA – Privacy and Security Basics
BETTER BUSINESS: Hiring for Managers
BETTER BUSINESS: Improving Presentation Skills
BETTER BUSINESS: Management Basics
BETTER BUSINESS: Thriving Through Conflict
BETTER BUSINESS: Understanding Diversity
ESSENTIAL: Active Shooter Response
ESSENTIAL: Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety
ESSENTIAL: Back Safety and Injury Prevention
ESSENTIAL: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
ESSENTIAL: Cold Stress
ESSENTIAL: Confined Space Entry – Permit Required
ESSENTIAL: Driver Safety
ESSENTIAL: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
ESSENTIAL: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace – Canada
ESSENTIAL: Electrical Safety
ESSENTIAL: Emergency Response
ESSENTIAL: Fall Protection
ESSENTIAL: Fire Extinguisher Basics
ESSENTIAL: Fire Safety
ESSENTIAL: First Aid: Fundamentals
ESSENTIAL: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
ESSENTIAL: Hearing Conservation
ESSENTIAL: Heat Stress
ESSENTIAL: Ladder Safety
ESSENTIAL: LOTO – Lockout-Tagout
ESSENTIAL: Machine Guarding
ESSENTIAL: Materials Handling
ESSENTIAL: Office Safety
ESSENTIAL: Powered Industrial Truck Safety
ESSENTIAL: PPE – Personal Protective Equipment: Respiratory Protection
ESSENTIAL: Sexual Harassment for Employees
ESSENTIAL: Slips, Trips & Falls
ESSENTIAL: Struck-by and Caught-Between
ESSENTIAL: Trenching and Excavation ESSENTIAL: Trenching and Excavation
ESSENTIAL: Violence in the Workplace
ESSENTIAL: WHMIS 2015 – Standard
QUICK COURSE: A Joke Isn’t Funny When It Hurts!
QUICK COURSE: Aerial Lifts
QUICK COURSE: Asbestos the Hazards and Health Effects
QUICK COURSE: Autoclave and Sterilizer Safety
QUICK COURSE: Avoid Arc Flash
QUICK COURSE: Bad Housekeeping can Bring Unthinkable Consequences
QUICK COURSE: Be A Safety Leader
QUICK COURSE: Be Handy and Safe with Hand and Power Tools
QUICK COURSE: Be Wary of Warehouse Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Belt Yourself for Safety
QUICK COURSE: Caught-Between
QUICK COURSE: Climb Your Way to Safe Ladder Use
QUICK COURSE: Cold Storage Safety
QUICK COURSE: Communication Facilities
QUICK COURSE: Compressed Air Can Be Dangerous
QUICK COURSE: Concrete and Masonry – Cast-in-Place Concrete
QUICK COURSE: Confined Space Safety
QUICK COURSE: COVID-19 Your OHS Responsibilities
QUICK COURSE: Crane Safety
QUICK COURSE: Defensive Driving When to be Cautious
QUICK COURSE: Did you Get the Memo on Office Hazards?
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Just Stand There
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Let Your Safety Go Up in Flames
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Mess with an Incident Scene
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to Noise
QUICK COURSE: Emergency Would You Know How To Respond
QUICK COURSE: Ergonomic Safety
QUICK COURSE: Fall Hazards and Falls from Heights
QUICK COURSE: Fatigue At Work Can Kill You
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Burns
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Chemical Burns and Liquid Gas Burn
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Choking
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Electrical Burns
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Fractures
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Poisoning
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Shocks
QUICK COURSE: Food Service Safety
QUICK COURSE: Forklift Safety
QUICK COURSE: Formaldehyde
QUICK COURSE: Four Rules for Ladder Safety
QUICK COURSE: Fundamentals of First Aid: Bleeding, Cuts, and Wounds
QUICK COURSE: Have a Plan for Fall Rescue
QUICK COURSE: Hazard Communication
QUICK COURSE: Healthcare Working Safely With Compressed Gases
QUICK COURSE: Hot Work Safety
QUICK COURSE: Housekeeping’s Role in Safe Workplaces
QUICK COURSE: How to Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis
QUICK COURSE: How to Safely Use Abrasive Wheel Grinders
QUICK COURSE: How to Select and Inspect a Ladder
QUICK COURSE: How You Can Prevent Violence in the Workplace
QUICK COURSE: Job Hazard Analysis
QUICK COURSE: Keep your Guard Up around Machines
QUICK COURSE: Laboratory Equipment Safety Biosafety Cabinets
QUICK COURSE: Laboratory Equipment Safety Centrifuges
QUICK COURSE: Layer Up for Warmth
QUICK COURSE: Lithium Battery Safety
QUICK COURSE: Lockout Tagout Tryout
QUICK COURSE: Look Out for New Workers
QUICK COURSE: Metal Working
QUICK COURSE: Picking the Right Fire Extinguisher
QUICK COURSE: Preventing Electrocution
QUICK COURSE: Protect Your Hearing and Avoid Hearing Loss
QUICK COURSE: Protect Yourself Against Bloodborne Pathogens
QUICK COURSE: Protecting Against Electrical Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Protecting Against Vertical Fall Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Putting Out Fires
QUICK COURSE: Safe Respirator Use
QUICK COURSE: Safely Handling Materials
QUICK COURSE: Sanitizer Safety
QUICK COURSE: Slips and Trips
QUICK COURSE: Stay Safe Working in the Heat
QUICK COURSE: Staying Safe on Scaffolds
QUICK COURSE: Take Care of Your Protective Wear
QUICK COURSE: Take Safety Home With You
QUICK COURSE: Traffic Control During Roadwork
QUICK COURSE: Trenching and Excavation Safety
QUICK COURSE: Understanding Chemical Labels and Pictograms
QUICK COURSE: Understanding Safety Data Sheets
QUICK COURSE: Using Ladders Safely
QUICK COURSE: What is an Assured Grounding Program
QUICK COURSE: Winter Safety Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Work Zone Traffic Control
QUICK COURSE: Your Fall Protection Equipment – Your Lifeline
REFRESHER/SPANISH: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
REFRESHER/SPANISH: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
REFRESHER/SPANISH: Slips, Trips, and Falls
REFRESHER: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
REFRESHER: Cold, Flu, and Transmissible Illness Prevention
REFRESHER: Compressed Gas Safety
REFRESHER: Computer Security Overview
REFRESHER: CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
REFRESHER: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
REFRESHER: Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Overview
REFRESHER: Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) Overview
REFRESHER: Environmental Management Fundamentals Overview
REFRESHER: Fire Safety
REFRESHER: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
REFRESHER: Hazardous Waste Management Overview
REFRESHER: Intro to Hexavalent Chromium Hazards
REFRESHER: Intro to Site Security
REFRESHER: Intro to Utility Cart Safety
REFRESHER: Process Safety Management
REFRESHER: Reporting Sexual Harassment
REFRESHER: Scaffold Safety
REFRESHER: Slips, Trips, and Falls
REFRESHER: Stormwater Management Overview
REFRESHER: Violence in the Workplace
REFRESHER: Violence in the Workplace Overview
REFRESHER: Wastewater Management Overview

Essential Package: Full-length Courses