SafetyNow Fundamental: Safety Training Recommended by Certified OHS Trainers

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The SafetyNow Fundamental package includes 185 courses, with new micro-training adding every month. You’ll get 15 Better Business courses, 57 Full-length Compliant courses, 87 Micro-training courses, and 26 Refresher courses. Expand your safety training beyond the essential regulatory requirements to include the recommended additional safety training from Industry and certified training experts.

Additional Fundamental: Asbestos Hazard Awareness
Additional Fundamental: Asbestos Hazard Awareness – Canada
Additional Fundamental: Behavior-Based Safety
Additional Fundamental: Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employees
Additional Fundamental: Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employers
Additional Fundamental: Chemical Safety
Additional Fundamental: Chlorine Safety
Additional Fundamental: Computer Security
Additional Fundamental: Discrimination-Free Workplace
Additional Fundamental: Flammable Liquid Safety
Additional Fundamental: Hand and Power Tools
Additional Fundamental: Hand Safety
Additional Fundamental: Hot Work
Additional Fundamental: Incident Investigation
Additional Fundamental: Industrial Ergonomics
Additional Fundamental: Introduction to Radiation Safety
Additional Fundamental: Job Hazard Analysis
Additional Fundamental: Laboratory Safety
Additional Fundamental: Lead Awareness
Additional Fundamental: NFPA 70E Arc Flash
Additional Fundamental: Office Ergonomics
Additional Fundamental: PPE Fundamentals
Additional Fundamental: Preventing Workplace Harassment
Additional Fundamental: Safety Audits
Additional Fundamental: Safety Awareness
Additional Fundamental: Scaffold Safety
Additional Fundamental: Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan
Additional Fundamental: Workspace Cleanliness
BETTER BUSINESS: Being an Effective Team
BETTER BUSINESS: Coaching and Feedback
BETTER BUSINESS: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
BETTER BUSINESS: Customer Service Success
BETTER BUSINESS: Effective Meetings
BETTER BUSINESS: Emotional Intelligence
BETTER BUSINESS: Generational Awareness
BETTER BUSINESS: Goal Setting & Achieving
BETTER BUSINESS: HIPAA – Privacy and Security Basics
BETTER BUSINESS: Hiring for Managers
BETTER BUSINESS: Improving Presentation Skills
BETTER BUSINESS: Management Basics
BETTER BUSINESS: Thriving Through Conflict
BETTER BUSINESS: Understanding Diversity
ESSENTIAL: Active Shooter Response
ESSENTIAL: Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety
ESSENTIAL: Back Safety and Injury Prevention
ESSENTIAL: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
ESSENTIAL: Cold Stress
ESSENTIAL: Confined Space Entry – Permit Required
ESSENTIAL: Driver Safety
ESSENTIAL: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
ESSENTIAL: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace – Canada
ESSENTIAL: Electrical Safety
ESSENTIAL: Emergency Response
ESSENTIAL: Fall Protection
ESSENTIAL: Fire Extinguisher Basics
ESSENTIAL: Fire Safety
ESSENTIAL: First Aid: Fundamentals
ESSENTIAL: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
ESSENTIAL: Hearing Conservation
ESSENTIAL: Heat Stress
ESSENTIAL: Ladder Safety
ESSENTIAL: LOTO – Lockout-Tagout
ESSENTIAL: Machine Guarding
ESSENTIAL: Materials Handling
ESSENTIAL: Office Safety
ESSENTIAL: Powered Industrial Truck Safety
ESSENTIAL: PPE – Personal Protective Equipment: Respiratory Protection
ESSENTIAL: Sexual Harassment for Employees
ESSENTIAL: Slips, Trips & Falls
ESSENTIAL: Struck-by and Caught-Between
ESSENTIAL: Trenching and Excavation ESSENTIAL: Trenching and Excavation
ESSENTIAL: Violence in the Workplace
ESSENTIAL: WHMIS 2015 – Standard
QUICK COURSE: A Joke Isn’t Funny When It Hurts!
QUICK COURSE: Aerial Lifts
QUICK COURSE: Asbestos the Hazards and Health Effects
QUICK COURSE: Autoclave and Sterilizer Safety
QUICK COURSE: Avoid Arc Flash
QUICK COURSE: Bad Housekeeping can Bring Unthinkable Consequences
QUICK COURSE: Be A Safety Leader
QUICK COURSE: Be Handy and Safe with Hand and Power Tools
QUICK COURSE: Be Wary of Warehouse Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Belt Yourself for Safety
QUICK COURSE: Caught-Between
QUICK COURSE: Climb Your Way to Safe Ladder Use
QUICK COURSE: Cold Storage Safety
QUICK COURSE: Communication Facilities
QUICK COURSE: Compressed Air Can Be Dangerous
QUICK COURSE: Concrete and Masonry – Cast-in-Place Concrete
QUICK COURSE: Confined Space Safety
QUICK COURSE: COVID-19 Your OHS Responsibilities
QUICK COURSE: Crane Safety
QUICK COURSE: Defensive Driving When to be Cautious
QUICK COURSE: Did you Get the Memo on Office Hazards?
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Just Stand There
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Let Your Safety Go Up in Flames
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Mess with an Incident Scene
QUICK COURSE: Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to Noise
QUICK COURSE: Emergency Would You Know How To Respond
QUICK COURSE: Ergonomic Safety
QUICK COURSE: Fall Hazards and Falls from Heights
QUICK COURSE: Fatigue At Work Can Kill You
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Burns
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Chemical Burns and Liquid Gas Burn
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Choking
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Electrical Burns
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Fractures
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Poisoning
QUICK COURSE: First Aid – Shocks
QUICK COURSE: Food Service Safety
QUICK COURSE: Forklift Safety
QUICK COURSE: Formaldehyde
QUICK COURSE: Four Rules for Ladder Safety
QUICK COURSE: Fundamentals of First Aid: Bleeding, Cuts, and Wounds
QUICK COURSE: Have a Plan for Fall Rescue
QUICK COURSE: Hazard Communication
QUICK COURSE: Healthcare Working Safely With Compressed Gases
QUICK COURSE: Hot Work Safety
QUICK COURSE: Housekeeping’s Role in Safe Workplaces
QUICK COURSE: How to Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis
QUICK COURSE: How to Safely Use Abrasive Wheel Grinders
QUICK COURSE: How to Select and Inspect a Ladder
QUICK COURSE: How You Can Prevent Violence in the Workplace
QUICK COURSE: Job Hazard Analysis
QUICK COURSE: Keep your Guard Up around Machines
QUICK COURSE: Laboratory Equipment Safety Biosafety Cabinets
QUICK COURSE: Laboratory Equipment Safety Centrifuges
QUICK COURSE: Layer Up for Warmth
QUICK COURSE: Lithium Battery Safety
QUICK COURSE: Lockout Tagout Tryout
QUICK COURSE: Look Out for New Workers
QUICK COURSE: Metal Working
QUICK COURSE: Picking the Right Fire Extinguisher
QUICK COURSE: Preventing Electrocution
QUICK COURSE: Protect Your Hearing and Avoid Hearing Loss
QUICK COURSE: Protect Yourself Against Bloodborne Pathogens
QUICK COURSE: Protecting Against Electrical Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Protecting Against Vertical Fall Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Putting Out Fires
QUICK COURSE: Safe Respirator Use
QUICK COURSE: Safely Handling Materials
QUICK COURSE: Sanitizer Safety
QUICK COURSE: Slips and Trips
QUICK COURSE: Stay Safe Working in the Heat
QUICK COURSE: Staying Safe on Scaffolds
QUICK COURSE: Take Care of Your Protective Wear
QUICK COURSE: Take Safety Home With You
QUICK COURSE: Traffic Control During Roadwork
QUICK COURSE: Trenching and Excavation Safety
QUICK COURSE: Understanding Chemical Labels and Pictograms
QUICK COURSE: Understanding Safety Data Sheets
QUICK COURSE: Using Ladders Safely
QUICK COURSE: What is an Assured Grounding Program
QUICK COURSE: Winter Safety Hazards
QUICK COURSE: Work Zone Traffic Control
QUICK COURSE: Your Fall Protection Equipment – Your Lifeline
REFRESHER/SPANISH: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
REFRESHER/SPANISH: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
REFRESHER/SPANISH: Slips, Trips, and Falls
REFRESHER: BBP – Bloodborne Pathogens
REFRESHER: Cold, Flu, and Transmissible Illness Prevention
REFRESHER: Compressed Gas Safety
REFRESHER: Computer Security Overview
REFRESHER: CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
REFRESHER: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
REFRESHER: Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Overview
REFRESHER: Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) Overview
REFRESHER: Environmental Management Fundamentals Overview
REFRESHER: Fire Safety
REFRESHER: GHS Hazcom – Hazard Communication
REFRESHER: Hazardous Waste Management Overview
REFRESHER: Intro to Hexavalent Chromium Hazards
REFRESHER: Intro to Site Security
REFRESHER: Intro to Utility Cart Safety
REFRESHER: Process Safety Management
REFRESHER: Reporting Sexual Harassment
REFRESHER: Scaffold Safety
REFRESHER: Slips, Trips, and Falls
REFRESHER: Stormwater Management Overview
REFRESHER: Violence in the Workplace
REFRESHER: Violence in the Workplace Overview
REFRESHER: Wastewater Management Overview

Fundamental Package: Full-length Courses