70% of Traditional Training is Forgotten in 24 Hours

If your goal is to build a safety culture and maintain a zero-incident rate, making sure that your compliant safety message is retained and implemented is key. But over 90% of safety managers report that their employees are not engaged during safety training. Most are just showing up for the donuts.

Research shows that up to 70% of traditional safety training is lost in the first 24 hours (Ebbinghaus Curve). But both of these scary facts can be overcome – in fact, SafetyNow ILT members record significant accident & injury reductions; and report a safety message that is up to 60% more sticky.

How? By utilizing the special reports, games, fatality reports, spot the safety violations and thousands of other tools and resources on SafetyNow ILT that compliment our compliant and engaging training solution to reinforce your safety message after the meeting is over – the time when your employees need to be safety aware.

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