North America’s Fastest Growing Instructor-Led-Training Program Helps These 7 Companies Save Thousands of Dollars in Training Fees and Significantly Reduce Accidents

SafetyNow ILT has been working to create a faster, better and easier path to compliance for hundreds of companies. Through the many success stories of companies such as Capital Power Corporation, Index Energy, Irvine Lanes, Mckesson Canada, Sanofi Pasteur, West Coast Reduction and Saputo, SafetyNow ILT has become a greatly trusted compliance program for safety professionals. These real-life stories show how you can drastically improve your safety training through better instructor-led content. Learn how Saputo was able to save more than$148,000 in returns from the WCB. Or, how Index Energy was able to reduce their accidentsrates to being non-existent. These are only a few examples of how a well-implemented ILT program can completely turn your safety program around.

These real-life situations may hit closer to home than you think. Use these cases to fill holes in your own program and learn game-changing solutions that will take your safety program to the next level.

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