What Is An LMS & Why Would You Use One?

A learning management system, or LMS, is a collaborative platform used to manage online learning (e-learning) courses. An LMS simplifies things for both learners and trainers by making it easy to create course content, and by delivering, tracking, and reporting on the content of an online training course. Powerful software combines with a digital framework in an online setting to provide the infrastructure and tools you need to streamline e-learning delivery.


A learning management system provides a centralized location for all of your company’s learning and training content. In a corporate environment, an LMS is used to deliver training materials and courses, as well as maintain and organize records. This type of LMS often includes the ability to integrate human resource software. This helps management and HR keep track of employees’ progress and performance goals. A full-
featured LMS will allow profiles for all employees, so when new training requirements come up, managers can quickly assign new course content to the right teams at any time.

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