Are you Prepared for a Medical Emergency?

What’s at Stake?

According to a recent report released by the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 Americans make a trip to the emergency room each year. And Canadians are among the most frequent users of emergency departments in the world, with an average of 17 million visits a year. Medical emergencies can happen at work, at home or while on vacation. They often happen with little or no warning and can be frightening, stressful and chaotic.

What’s The Danger?

What happens when an accident, a heart attack, poisoning or other emergency leaves you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate to family, friends, co-workers and emergency personnel? Will they know who to call, what medications you’re on or what pre-existing medical conditions you
have? Even those closest to you can have a hard time remembering and conveying that information to medical personnel during the stress of an emergency event.

Seconds matter during a medical emergency. With some forethought and planning you can help ease some of the uncertainty and panic that accompanies most emergency situations. n

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