What’s At Stake

Did you know that within a three-month period 25 percent of adults suffer at least one day of back pain? According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most adults experience their first episodes of low back pain in their 30s and as people age back pain becomes more common.

Another risk factor for back problems is being physically unfit. People with weak back and abdominal muscles are much more likely to suffer back injuries.


Any job that requires heavy lifting, pushing or pulling of objects can lead to back injury, especially among workers who aren’t physically fit, have poor posture and are not lifting in a safe manner. While a back injury won’t kill you, it can become a chronic problem that could force you
to leave your job.


Lifting is a situation that requires you to first use your brain before employing your brawn, if you want to avoid injury. Lifting even a light load the wrong way can result in a painful back injury.

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