Safety leaders are discovering that eLearning and blended training programs deliver better, more cost-effective safety training results. But many organizations fail to achieve expected results – typically because key content, platform, and business requirements are not considered before buying decisions are made. This guide has been developed to help you recognize and address these requirements. 


The workforce continues to become increasingly diverse as younger workers, with learning styles very different from previous generations, and remote workers continue to be hired. Having this new type of workforce has a lot of benefits, but poses specific problems for safety training. With younger workers, it can be hard to have them learn through old learning styles and the second trainers turn on an outdated training video – their attention is lost.

For companies with remote workers, it can be extremely expensive to send trainers to multiple sites. This is where eLearning comes in. Good eLearning makes it possible to reach employees regardless of where they are. Great eLearning uses modern training techniques to grab worker attention (regardless of age and learning style) and prove understanding while implementing strategies to help retain the training long-term.

A great eLearning provider will give you peace of mind knowing that all employees receive all same consistent training message through interactive training, presented in a practical and useful way.

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